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Ducati Monster Euro 5, REMUS Double MESH RACING Exhaust, stainless steel brushed, NO EC type approval
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REMUS Double MESH RACING exhaust, stainless steel brushed for Ducati Monster (Euro 5).

consisting of Slip-On REMUS Double MESH exhaust and connection tube.

ATTENTION: NO EC type approval!

REMUS Double MESH exhaust for DUCATI MONSTER Motorbike

Standard Silencer
REMUS Double MESH with sound insert


  • High grade material (stainless steel)
  • +4,2HP Performance and +4,9NM torque increase
  • Sporty, sonorous sound
  • Weight-optimized
  • (ECE-) type approval
  • Made in Europe

Experience the enhanced exhaust sound, optimal exhaust design and exceptional performance exhaust power. 

Install a Remus Sport Exhaust today and level up!

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Supported vehicles
  • DUCATI Ducati Monster (Euro5) 2-cylinder, 4-stroke 82 kW 2021=>

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Incl. 10% GST