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Exhaust Cupra Formentor VZx RACING Style GPF-Back-System NO (EEC-) APPROVAL
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The Remus Sport Exhaust valved solution for CUPRA Formentor VZx, 4Drive, Type KM (with GPF) is  a RACING Style GPF-back Exhaust system configuration.
Consisting of: 

  • a RACING sport exhaust centered (resonator) for L/R system incl. connection tube with spherical connection for mounting of the the sport exhaust,
  • racing GPF-back front section replacement tube incl. resonator,
  • set of outlet tubes (quad flow) with integrated valves and
  • one of seven tail pipe sets.

Exhaust Tube diameter: Original tube Ø 70 mm REMUS Exhaust tube Ø 76 mm

No vehicle modifications required! Installation/fitting at the serial mounting points. Can only be used in combination with set of outlet tubes 790020 9999.

The use of racing exhaust products and products which do not have EC approval is generally not permitted on public roads. When fitting REMUS sports silencers, mufflers, cat-back exhaust systems and cat replacement pipes designed for use on closed tracks, it is advantageous to carry out an ECU remapping tune, in order to exploit the optimum performance of the exhaust system and to prevent the check engine from lighting up.

The Remus Sport Exhaust system activates the valves using the original actuators, via the vehicles onboard electronics. 

Many aftermarket exhaust systems do not make this consideration resulting in decreased functionality and fiddly remote controllers. 

The Cupra Formentor VZ solution provided by Remus Sport Exhaust ensures you only gain by installing one of their premium exhaust system upgrades. 

Experience improved exhaust tone, amplified exhaust sound, increased torque and power.   Take Cupra mode to the next level and hear a real growl, not just a speaker sound.

Customize the look of your Cupra Formentor VZx with with a range of exhaust tailipe finishes available.   Will you pick carbon exhaust tips, black stainless steel exhaust tips or go for a classic silver stainless look?  

We believe that your Cupra could provide you with just a little more joy and driving pleasure.   Who knew that was possible!


  • High grade material
  • Performance and torque increase
  • Sporty, sonorous exhaust sound
  • Weight-optimized
  • Made in Europe


Experience the sound design and power of a Remus Sport Exhaust today!



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Supported vehicles
  • Cupra Formentor VZ, 4Drive, Typ(e) KM 2.0L TSI 228kW 2020=> (DNF, mit OPF/with GPF)

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