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Cat-Back Exhaust System Suzuki Swift Hybrid and Boosterjet AZ incl 2 tail pipes Ø 115 mm chromed, angled rolled, incl. (EC-) approval
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The Cat-Back Exhaust System consists of:

  • 1x connection tube with flange connection fitting at the serial mounting points
  • 1x resonated front section (absorptions principle)
  • 1x connection tube with spherical connection for mounting of the the sport exhaust
  • 1x sport exhaust (absorptions principle) with left/right each 1 tail pipe Ø 115 mm silver chrome

Original exhaust tube Ø 50 mm REMUS exhaust tube Ø 65 mm

ATTENTION: No vehicle modifications required!

Car and engine specification:

1.4L DITC Hybrid 95KW (K14D with GPF) | 1.4L Turbo 103KW (Euro 6d-TEMP)


  • Aggressive racing exhaust sound
  • Shot blasted surface, 100% stainless steel
  • Performance increase, low back pressure
  • Light weight construction
  • Perfect shape and fitment of exhaust
  • Handmade in Austria
  • incl. EC type approval


With over 30 years experience producing high quality performance exhaust systems as well as manufacturing OEM exhaust components for some of the world's biggest car manufacturers. REMUS Exhaust know their stuff. 

Remus Exhaust combine high quality raw materials, extensive research, modern machining and special process technologies along with highly qualified employees. 

REMUS Innovation produce some of the best performance exhaust system for the aftermarket sector that look incredible, sound amazing and produce performance gains over the car OEM exhausts.

True car enthusiasts gain from Remus' involvement in motorsport, extensive development and sound booth testing.  

Experience true sound design and power of a Remus Performance Sport Exhaust and upgrade your exhsust system today!



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Supported vehicles
  • Suzuki Swift Sport Boosterjet, Typ(e) AZ 1.4l Turbo (OPF/GPF, Euro 6d-TEMP) 103kW 06/2018=>
  • Suzuki Swift Sport HYBRID, Typ(e) AZ 1.4L DITC Hybrid 95 kW 04/2020=> (K14D, MIT OPF)
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