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Audi RS3 8V 2.5l Turbo Euro 6b, cat-back Exhaust from MAIN Catalytic converter with non resonated front
SKU: 046517 1500---

Remus Exhaust System to suit: Audi RS3 Euro 6b Sportback Quattro

The Cat-Back Exhaust System from the MAIN Catalytic Converter with non resonated Race style front section consists of:

- RACING replacement connection tube                                 SKU: 0470151200
- Stainless steel non-resonated RACING front section         SKU: 047015 0000
- Stainless steel L/R Sport exhaust centered                         SKU: 046517 1500
  with 2 integrated valves                                                     
- selectable tail pipes

Original tube Ø 70 mm      REMUS tube Ø 76 mm

ATTENTION: RACING - No (EC-) approval!

ATTENTION: No vehicle modifications required!
Non-resonated front section and sport exhaust L/R with tail pipe set only fits as a complete system! When installing on the Sportback model, the outlet tubes must be shortened by 120 mm!

The use of racing exhaust products and products which do not have EC approval is generally not permitted on public roads. When installing REMUS axle-back exhaust and cat-back exhaust or catalyst delete tubes on vehicles which are used for closed road driving, it is advisable to tune the ECU for a maximum gain in your cars performance and to ensure that the CEL does not come on.


  • Aggressive racing exhaust sound
  • Shot blasted surface, 100% stainless steel
  • Performance increase, low back pressure
  • Light weight construction
  • Perfect shape and fitment of exhaust
  • Made in Europe
  • 24 months warranty

Experience the enhanced exhaust sound, optimal exhaust design and exceptional performance exhaust power. 

Install a Remus Sport Exhaust today and level up!

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Supported vehicles
  • Audi RS3 Typ(e) 8V 2.5l Turbo, Limousine, 5türig, Quattro 294kW 2017=> (DAZA, EURO 6b)
  • Audi RS3 Typ(e) 8V 2.5l Turbo, Sportback Quattro 294kW 2017=> (DAZA, EURO 6b)

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Incl. 10% GST