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REMUS diesel particle filter - for the sake of our environment


The REMUS particulate filter is an ingenious filter system designed to reduce particulate matter from the exhaust emissions generated by diesel engines. REMUS offers over 900 different filter applications for passenger vehicles, it is therefore possible to retro-fit almost all diesel vehicles with a REMUS particulate filter.

As a consequent development progression of the passenger vehicle particulate filter, REMUS developed particulate filters for trucks and busses. For such applications, the particulate filter was build directly into a muffler which allows easy installation. Furthermore, the REMUS particulate filter is also available for farming machinery and municipal vehicles such as road sweepers, snow clearing or even for stationary applications. Due to the huge comprehensive application range of the REMUS particulate filter, it is not only private individuals but also companies and city councils that can help to protect the environment.


  • Easy and quick installation
  • No increase of fuel consumption
  • No influence on engine performance
  • Euro 4 and Euro 3 diesel vehicles obtain the „green sticker“ after refitting
  • Stainless steel
  • Fully maintenance free

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